LNSS Armenia, Moldova & Belarus

Project Aims

The wider objective of the projet is to:

The specific objectives of the project are:

LNSS will address critical problems gaps that exist both in Library service provision and in Library Staff Development leading to modern, relevant & accessible library services for all learners. Problems such as the poor level of competencies and skills of librarians and library staff in Armenia (YSULS 2014; (Ministry of Culture 2013); the need for more education and training to address the problem of Plagiarism in Belarus & Moldova (BSU 2014; Harconiță 2013) & the need for modernization & diversification of library services including the need to change library organizational structures will be addressed by the LNSS Curriculum- a comprehensive, modern suite of Library Staff Development courses covering all aspects of library services provision. The LNSS Curriculum will lead to a change in the situation set out in Part E because in breath, scale, quality & relevance it will be the first program of its kind held in these countries to address the training and development needs of ALL Librarians & library Staff- a program which is very much needed in PC countries.