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Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia (PAARA)

The Academy was founded in 1994 to prepare and train public service specialists of mid and higher links for the staff of the Presidency, Republic of Armenia Government, and central and local executive public service bodies. The Academy’s activity was established, developed and implemented with the assistance of the European Union TACIS Program. Full-time study, by correspondence, and short time forms of education takes place in the Academy while the full-time training course duration is two years. The Academy graduates receive a diploma authorized by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The Academy organizes Master’s Programs in the following specialties: Public Administration, Public Finance Management, Law, Psychology (Psychology of Management), Political Science (Political Administration and Political Analysis). The Academy has implemented several projects with the support of international organizations and cooperated with Slovakia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as well as Tempus projects including those dealing with access to libraries and Society generally for people with individual requirements.

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Contact: Mrs. Tereza Khechoyan
ERASMUS + CBHE Project Coordinator
Vice-rector for International Relations
Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia
8 Kievyan Street, Yerevan 0028, Armenia
Tel/Fax: +374 10 22 8942
Mob: +374 94 925025
Email: Khechoyantereza@yahoo.com
Skype name: tereza.khechoyan

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)


LIT provides three cycle system education, training and research, playing a pivotal role in the economic and sociocultural development of the region with a distinctive educational philosophy of active learning throughout its programs, in all disciplines and at all levels ensuring that it stays firmly in touch with the needs of industry and the community in the regions it serves. LIT has an international reputation for developing and implementing innovative Library projects, products and services through its Library and Information Resources Centre and has led Tempus projects in the Library and Information Science field dealing with Staff Development, Information literacy and general Library Reform. In 2014 LIT were recognized by the European Projects Association for Distinguished effort in the Development of the European Union through European Projects, improving library services and for efforts in building a better society for the EU TEMPUS project Developing Information Literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries. LIT are also partners in the Tempus project 530345 Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements (ASPIRE) which aims to foster the rights of individuals with special needs in Armenia and Georgia to access education and they led the design and development of the “Use the Library” module for the ASPIRE Curriculum. LIT have also led important national library and information literacy projects such as the Library Network Support Services (LNSS) project from 2008-2011 which dealt with the Implementation of vital library and information literacy initiatives across multiple universities in Ireland.

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Contact: Jerald Cavanagh BSc Econ, MSc, MA
ERASMUS + CBHE Project Leader
Institute Librarian
Phone: 00353 86 8366726 or 00353 61 293806
Fax: 00353 61 293301
Email: Jerald.Cavanagh@lit.ie
Skype name: jerald.cavanagh

Padraig Kirby BA (Hons) HdipLIS, MSc (LIS)
ERASMUS + CBHE Project Coordinator
Senior Library Assistant
Phone 00353 61 293516 or 00353 87 9734896
Fax: 00353 61 293301
Email: Padraig.Kirby@lit.ie
Skype name: padraigkirby

University Transylvania of Brasov (UTBV)

University Transilvania of Brasov, www.unitbv.ro, is an accredited higher-education public institution. Since then, the university has continuously developed currently being, by its educational offer, scientific research and number of students, one of the Romania’s largest university and the best reputed higher education institution in the Region 7 – Centre. UTBv has 18 faculties, more than 19.000 students. UTBv has over 685 teaching staff and more than 600 auxiliary employees. The faculties offer academic degree programs in a wide range of fields (from different engineering domains to economic and social sciences, humanistic sciences, medicine and music. The research activity is carried out within the largest research institute of a Romanian university, developed during 2009-2013 with a substantial contribution of European Social Funds.

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Prof.univ.dr.ing., dr.marketing Angela REPANOVICI
Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Faculty of Product Design and Environment
Str. Universitatii nr.1, corp G, GI13, 500068, Brasov, Romania
Email: arepanovici@unitbv.ro
Web: http://arepanovici.wix.com/mysite

University of Crete (UOT)

University of Crete is a relatively new, medium sized academic institution in Greece, yet already known, both nationally and internationally, for its innovative approach to education, it’s considerable research activity and dynamic character in international cooperation. The Library is formed as an integrated unit –this being one of many innovations introduced by the University of Crete in the Greek academic environment- which allowed it to develop in an exponential way and mark significant achievements that distinguished it as pioneer of Greek academic libraries. It has put a special emphasis on library networking and cooperation evidenced by its substantial contribution of the Library and its staff to the establishment of the HEAL-LINK Greek Academic Libraries Network. The Library has undertaken key projects for development and further improvement of its quality standards and resources, staff training as well as the connection of Library services to curricula and the local community. University of Crete have been involved in various innovative library projects such as Tempus project 517117 Developing Information Literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries which aims to develop libraries and information literacy services in the Western Balkans.

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Contact: Manolis Koukourakis
University Librarian
University of Crete Library
Rethymno University campus
74100 Rethymno
Crete, Greece
Email: manolis@lib.uoc.gr
Tel.+30 28310 77805

The Pyramid Group (TPG)

The Pyramid Group offers a large range of quality specialist industry, public sector and academic and practical skills training covering areas such as libraries, legal (national and international), public administration, special needs /disability awareness training in Ireland via the Irish Wheelchair Association and for training teachers and civil servants in the EU and in PC countries. It has provided specialized training in English for German public service employees covering education and social services as well as providing translations and interpreting. It particularly specializes in providing Bologna Process ECTS module training and EU Common European Framework differentiated English language training in communication skills and in terminology acquisition in these fields using both traditional and also ICT approaches. TPG are also a provider of project websites and of Blended Learning training and a provider of various quality training courses in the Management field covering topics such as Marketing, Strategic Planning, Customer care, Time management, Communication and listening skills, Presentation skills, decision making, problem solving, leadership skills as well as management of change. TPG also provide expert advice in the areas of quality assurance, ECTS and Bologna compliance as well as editing and publication processes and have experience of these activities from previous Tempus projects.

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Contact: Paul East
CEO The Pyramid Group
Schweinmarkt 6
89073 Ulm
Tel: +49 731 3976976 (office)
Tel: +49 170 1842435 (mobile)
Email: paul@thepyramidgroup.biz

Goris State University (GSU)

Established in 1967, Goris State University is the only state-owned Higher Education Institution in the Southern part of the Republic of Armenia with more than 2000 students and more than 200 staff. GSU provides training under Bachelor and Master Degree programs. 12 specialties are offered as bachelor degree programs(Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacological Chemistry, Informatics and Computational technique, Biology, Economics and Management of Enterprises, Pedagogy and Methodology, History, Jurisprudence(pedagogical), Armenian language and Literature, Electronics and Power Engineering) and 9 specialties are offered as correspondence courses. The university graduate level provides 7 specialties as Master’s Degree programs. Course offerings are evaluated and updated according to innovative educational and scientific insights, specific needs of the regional industries and international cooperation. Currently GSU have 4 Tempus and 2 Erasmus Mundus projects running at the University including Tempus project 530345 Access to Society for people with individual requirements. From 2009 the GSU commenced library reforms which are introduced in the education plan at GSU. The University has an electronic reading hall for engineering students.

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Contact: Naira Safaryan
Goris State University
2 Avangard street, Goris
Syunik Region, 3202-Armenia
Tel: +374 91 333105

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULS)

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, being one of the leading Universities in Armenia in the field of Linguistics, Human and Social sciences, is continuously establishing new and diverse study programs enrolling thousands of students and creating a new learning atmosphere and methods. YSULS puts strong emphasis on the development and integration of interdisciplinary study programs especially in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences hence the introduction of these LNSS modules particularly to do with Information Literacy with Referencing citation and avoiding plagiarism for example as well as the other modules will be an important development for YSULS. The University currently collaborates with a number of international institutions such as the European Centre for Modern Languages (Graz, Austria), The Association of Francophone Universities (AUF), The International Visegrad Fund, European Language Council (ELC, Germany), etc. YSULS cooperates with more than 50 European, Asian and American Universities (http://brusov.am/en/international-relations/international-cooparation/partner-universities) implementing various exchange programs and training courses. In the 2013-2014 academic year the University had more than 80 incoming students and 20 international professors and hence is fully committed to improving the management and operation of higher education through student and staff mobility including libraries and library staff.

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Contact : Mrs. Anna Chulyan
Head of Library
Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences
42 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan 0002, Armenia
Tel: +374 91 511012
Email: chulyananna@gmail.com
skype: annachulyan

Belarusian State University (BSU)

BSU is a classical public university ranked as the leading university in Belarus. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and complies with the Quality Standards of the Department of Quality of the Republic of Belarus. BSU System of Quality Management is certified on compliance with ISO 9001-2010. Total personnel employed at the BSU is 8400 (including 7 580 full-time specialists), including over 2 400 academic staff members. BSU is a large University with the total number of students enrolled at all levels of education being 34, 200, including more than 2000 international students from more than 40 countries worldwide. With 16 Faculties and 4 Educational Institutes, including two major educational bodies – the BSU Lyceum and BSU Law College, – BSU is an integral educational and research complex being the national leader in education and science in Belarus. BSU belongs to a highly internationalized university community and follows its strategic priorities set out in the Internationalization Strategy Plan adopted in 2012. BSU has 25-30 international projects within such programs as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet, EU Cross-Border Cooperation, DAAD, FPB-Belarus, CIMO and many others are implemented at the BSU annually. The BSU Fundamental Library (BSU FL) is the national coordinating and methodical Centre of the 54 University Libraries’ network since 1974. In 2001 BSU FL together with the BSU National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE) organized professional training courses for academic librarians at HIHE and so far it has provided them twice a year. On regular basis BSU FL organizes and conducts international library conferences, seminars, workshops, and round tables on actual and important issues of the contemporary librarianship. Information literacy instruction (ILI) is one of the most important BSU FL priorities. BSU values greatly the innovations and opportunities for modernization of library services and training programs that is offered by this LNSS project and the expertise offered by the experts in the field of Libraries and Library Staff Development in LIT, UTBV, UOC, TPG.

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Contact : Liudmila Slivinskaya 
International Programs & Projects Office
Department of International Relations
Belarusian State University
4, Nezavisimosti ave., 220030 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 209 54 47
Email: Slivinskaya@bsu.by

Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the government of the Republic of Belarus (APA)

The Academy is the leading higher educational state institution in Belarus within the system of education and re-qualification of civil servants and is generally considered a Scientific and Educational Centre that considerably improves the quality of training for executives. It views its mission in forming a national school of public administration. The Academy is the National Centre for dissemination of best managerial practice. The main directions of work at APA are:

  1. Professional education and re-qualification of civil servants, executives and specialists of national and local industrial, social and economic administrative structures, entrepreneurs.
  2. Training executives and specialists with higher education majoring in Public Administration and Law; Public Administration and Economy, Information Resources Management.
  3. Preparation of managers and PA-specialists of the 2nd (MA, MSci) and 3rd (PhD) Bologna`s academic circles.
  4. Carrying out research work and innovative activities on the issues of improvement of public administration.
The Academy’s staff includes 322 lecturers among whom 25 are staff professors and 33 visiting professors with Doctor’s degree and more than 190 holders of PhD degree.

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Contact: Ms. Sviatlana Ramlia
Library; Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the
President of the Republic of Belarus
17, Moskovskaya Str.,
220007, Minsk, Belarus
Email: library@pac.by; svet_r@tut.by

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (YKSUG)

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (YKSUG) is now one of the most important educational, scientific, and cultural centers of the Republic of Belarus. The University offers courses for internationally recognized Specialist`s, Master`s and Ph.D. degrees, as the basis for life-long learning in full-time, part-time and distance ways of education. There is also the Institute for Professional Skills Upgrading and Retraining. The University is a member of the European University Association (EUA), and participates in activities within the international network BSRUN and the Baltic University Program. In order to be a full member of these organizations the University is interested to develop the Information culture (literacy) at the University to provide better Information Literacy education in accessing national and international databases for both academic community and the greater part of the nation and is interested in general ideas and measures for library reform and modernization. 52 library staff.

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Contact: Alena Knor
Project manager
Project Development Unit
International Project Management Office
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
Ozheshko Street 22, office 317a
Grodno, 230023, Belarus
Phone/fax: +375 152 73 19 54
e-mail: project@grsu.by; Alekseeva_IP@grsu.by;

Olga Pogorelaja - library staff member pogorelaya.olga

Brest State Technical University (BrSTU)

Brest State Technical University (BrSTU) founded in 1966 and is one of the largest scientific and educational centres in the Western part of Belarus. Training of highly qualified specialists and fundamental scientific research work is carried out in the field of Construction, Architecture, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Economics and Ecology. The University offers 27 undergraduate courses, 27 graduate courses and 15 postgraduate ones. There are about 12 000 students studying at 8 faculties - Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Information Systems, Engineering Systems and Ecology, Economics, Innovation, Management and Finance, Extra-Mural Studies, Pre-University - and at the Institute of Professional Development and Retraining. BrSTU actively participates in numerous international projects and programs in the fields of education and scientific-technical research such as the TEMPUS Program, The Baltic Sea Region program, The Erasmus Mundus program, The IAESTE program, The Robert Bosch Foundation program in the spheres of education development and reformation. The University is a member of the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties with the participation of civil engineering faculties from non-European countries, AECEF. In 2009 BrSTU joined the Baltic Sea Academy, a Hamburg-based organization that unites European universities and academies, with the aim to intensify the University’s international cooperation. 22 library staff.

Project link (English) (Russian)
Mr. Siarhei Parfamuk, Skype: sparfom
Mrs. Natallia Chetyrbock, Skype: Natallia Chetyrbock

Academy of Public Administration of Moldova (APA)

The Academy of Public Administration (hereinafter referred to as the – APA), is a state higher education institution and operates as a national center for promoting state policy in the field of public administration, training civil service personnel as well as providing scientific and methodological support for the activity of public authorities. The mission of APA is to train and improve the civil servants and other categories of specialists from public authorities and institutions. The training activity and scientific research in the Academy is realized within 2 departments: Higher Education and Professional Development, 5 specialty chairs, and the Department of Scientific and International Cooperation. The Academy has a scientific library including rich background of books and some electronic resources, and an Editorial Department. In the period 2006-2014 the Academy, in collaboration and with the support of development partners (World Bank, UNDP, GIZ, AIDS) has developed training modules 18 (Budget and financial management, Public internal financial Control, Internal control and Financial Management in the public sector procurement, Human resources management, Management and strategic planning, Project cycle management, Accounting, Integration and adaptation of the public function etc.). For each module were developed Curriculum, participant Handbook, trainer's manual. Also have been trained and certified by 6-14 trainers for each module. In accordance with Government decision No. 962 from 05.08.2003 the Academy issues to participants in professional development courses and graduation certificates, the model of which is approved by the Senate. The Academy has facilities for training specialists in the public administration field: buildings (building for studies, dormitory, and canteen) scientific library, computer labs, printing equipment etc. that enable the provision of qualitative studies.

Project link
Contact: Mrs. Rodica Sobiescki-Camerzan
Institutional coordinator of the project
Skype address: sobieskirodic
Igor Neaga, researcher
Skype address: igor75uk

Alecu Russo Balti State University (USARB)

USARB is the only University in the North of Moldova. USARB is comprised of four faculties: Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Exact, Economy and Environment Sciences, Sciences of Education and Psychology, Art, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences; “Ion Creangă” Teacher Training College of Balti; “Ion Creangă “Republican Theoretical Lyceum of Balti. The Scientific Library constitutes an integral part of the educational process and scientific research and provides access to scientific and technical information for undergraduate and master students, teaching staff, and researchers, engaged in all educational programs (Licentiate, Master and Doctoral). The library has a collection of 1 023 115 copies, serving 10 000 users per year. The library has international collections: UN Centre of Documentation, World Bank collection, Union European Information Centre, NATO Point of information and Documentation, Journal Donation Project (USA), Romanian Cultural Institute Collection. The Scientific Library of USARB is a good partner in the national network of educational libraries and one of active members of the REM Consortium (Electronic Resources for Moldova). The Scientific Library USARB intends to improve and diversify the informational services provided to students, academic staff and academic community; to broaden and facilitate the access to international informational resources; to train and equip the university library staff with up-to-date training, IT resources; to integrate the library into unique academic informational space established within university libraries network in Moldova. The library is required to reorient itself towards creating, diversifying & offering high quality & innovative services based on digital technology, providing interactive access to contents, multimedia resources that are in great demand for students and university teachers in the context of Information and Knowledge Society & the Strategy of the USB. The library's involvement in the Project would contribute significantly to achieving this objective & connection of the institution to European trends in providing initial and on-going training to the students and researchers at University level particularly Information Literacy training.

Project link
Contact: Elena Harconita
Director of Scientific Library USARB
38 Pushkin Street, Balti, MD 3121 Moldova
Tel/fax: (0231)52445
GSM: 069062254
Email: elena.harconita@mail.ru