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Goris State University (GSU)

Established in 1967, Goris State University is the only state-owned Higher Education Institution in the Southern part of the Republic of Armenia with more than 2000 students and more than 200 staff. GSU provides training under Bachelor and Master Degree programs. 12 specialties are offered as bachelor degree programs(Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacological Chemistry, Informatics and Computational technique, Biology, Economics and Management of Enterprises, Pedagogy and Methodology, History, Jurisprudence(pedagogical), Armenian language and Literature, Electronics and Power Engineering) and 9 specialties are offered as correspondence courses. The university graduate level provides 7 specialties as Master’s Degree programs. Course offerings are evaluated and updated according to innovative educational and scientific insights, specific needs of the regional industries and international cooperation. Currently GSU have 4 Tempus and 2 Erasmus Mundus projects running at the University including Tempus project 530345 Access to Society for people with individual requirements. From 2009 the GSU commenced library reforms which are introduced in the education plan at GSU. The University has an electronic reading hall for engineering students.

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Naira Safaryan
Goris State University
2 Avangard street, Goris
Syunik Region, 3202-Armenia
Tel: +374 91 333105