Western Balkans

Cooperation and Communication

Partnership Management will be organized & will act in order to ensure the achievement of project results and the accuracy of procedures.

Management Plan: A Project Management Committee (PMC) will be established at the beginning of the project as well as Working Groups (WG) and Local Committees. PMC will consist of 2 contact persons (1 member of Management/academic/library staff and 1 Admin staff who will directly be involved in activities. PMC- the decision making body for the Consortium is responsible for:

Permanent & effective Communication & Reporting: The Coordinator of the PMC (LIT) will ensure that project objectives are clearly highlighted and met and will implement procedures for efficiency of the project. PMC will conduct coordination meetings, once a year, 4 days every year and will conduct monthly management meetings (Web Conferencing). The PMC will steer the project & will intervene as necessary to readjust the project to the context, ensure consistent communication between partners & the organization of Committee meetings. WG's will be formed to ensure that the specific roles and tasks are distributed effectively as follows:

Each WG will meet 3 times - once per year - some via Web meeting and will report to the PMC via thee Chairs of WG's Local activities of partner universities & nonacademic/society partner (e.g. exchange of information, training, equipment etc.) will be supported by the contact person for EU/PC partner. Contact person will champion & highlight project objectives & coordinate human resources for the success for the project. WG's will ensure the various components of the project- management, development, quality control etc. are followed through effectively. Roles, methods etc. will be defined by Consortium Agreement.

Each partner is represented (2 persons) on each WG & the PMC of the project. Tasks distributed equally and fairly: Distribution of tasks (WP's) as follows:

PC's will participate in each WG + form, local committee structures, to ensure the Dissemination & Exploitation of project results & the implementation of project initiatives in WB universities & in Society. PC' contribute to the design & delivery of the each stage of the LNSS Curriculum- Design, Training, Piloting, Evaluation.