University of Priština – Kosovska Mitrovica (UPKM)


University of Pristina-KosovskaMitrovica was founded in 1970 in Pristina, since 1999 University has been dislocated and operates in KosovskaMitrovica. The University has approximately 10 000 full-time students and 1500 employees. The University has the status of a state university, as a comprehensive/multidisciplinary university, and comprises 10 Faculties. UPKM’s main activities are to widen its academic knowledge into the region of Kosovo and Metohija, next to that special attention is addressed to the third role of University and spreading of our research results to the community. These activities are performed through creating partnerships among various organizations – such as national or local authorities, municipalities, NGOs, private foundations, formal and informal education institutions. Therefore, the goal of UPKM actions is to strengthen regional community through economic development, democratization and promotion of human rights, improvement of life conditions.

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Professor Lepša Žorić, PhD, MD

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Petar Milić, M.Sc.E.E

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