Project Management

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LIT undertook relevant activities to ensure sound management of the project & performed the duties of authorizing officer & coordinator of the project and led the Management WP. LIT also contributed to the Library Training WP- the Library Staff Development Strategy for the project, specifically- the design & implementation of the LNSS modular curriculum in partnership with EU partners UTBV, UOC and TPG.

LIT also led the Online Module WP given their experience of delivering e-content from previous projects. UTBV led the Preparation WP in the project-needs analysis, competency mapping and both UTBV & UOC led the LNSS modular Curriculum training and piloting implementation as did other EU partners. UOC had specific responsibility for & led the needs analysis regarding Electronic Library Services & championed and developed the Consortium Digital and Electronic Strategy & worked closely with LIT who led the Electronic Resources WP.

Due to their significant experience of leading Quality Assurance WP’s from previous Tempus projects (e.g. project 517117) UOC led the Quality Assurance Work package of the LNSS project while TPG led the Didactic and Scientific Organization WP and worked closely with EU and PC partners to steer and guide the LNSS Curriculum and participated along with EU partners in delivery of the LNSS Curriculum preparation, training, piloting and evaluation of piloting. TPG created and maintains post-project the LNSS Online Platform having significant experience in this area and worked closely with KBBI who led the Dissemination & Exploitation WP to ensure the results of the LNSS project can be exploited by other organizations & countries. TPG liaised & worked with UOC & the EWG to provide quality assurance and editing for the major publications in the project- the Collection Development Policy, Consortium Strategic Plan, HRM Guide and Digital & Electronic Library Strategy.

PC institutions in WB were involved in the design, pilot, evaluation, accreditation & dissemination of the LNSS project and LNSS Curriculum. The vital role of PC institutions was, in particular, supported by LIT as Coordinator & EU partners regarding practical aspects of the project – the creation of new roles in each PC institution – the Library Access Liaison Librarian role, Subject Liaison Librarian role and each PC institution has two representatives on the Project Management Committee (PMC) and two representatives on each of the Working Groups of the Project- DSWG, LTWG, OMWG, EWG.

In allocating resources for each activity to ensure project ownership we were mindful of those carrying greater workload in WP’s as well as expertise required to complete tasks. LIT as Coordinator were allocated the greater portion of resources due to extra risk & responsibility & this principle is reflected also in WP leaders UTBV (Preparation + Training), UOC (Training + Quality WP’s), TPG (Didactic & Scientific WP + Online Platform) & KBBI (Dissemination & Exploitation). Equipment resources are important for PC institutions & PC’s were allocated much needed equipment resources for the upgrading of their respective Libraries.

Project Information

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The LNSS project will commence with the Project Kick Off- PMC meeting to be held in Limerick in Nov 2015 where criteria & procedures for communications between partners, management & decision making structures & the functions of the Working Groups, contact persons, Local Commitees, Library Access Liaison Librarian & local project coordinators will be agreed. Read more…

Aims and Objectives

The wider objective of the project is to: reinforce and modernize libraries and improve the level of competencies and skills of library staff in HEI’s by developing innovative libraries as a support to education and lifelong learning. Read more.


In the first year, the project workplan looks following:  1.1 Training and general library needs detection; 1.2 Strategic review: Consortium Strategic planning process initiated; 1.3 Needs analysis: Electronic Library Services/Resources.  Read more…

Cooperation and Communication

Partnership Management will be organized & will act in order to ensure the achievement of project results and the accuracy of procedures. Read more…

Curriculum Modules

In order to modernizing libraries in Western Balkans countries through staff development and reforming library services we created 8 curriculum modules. Read more…

Project Partners

See the list the list of all project partners here.